Fresh Summer Feel

Satisfy both hunger and thirst!

In between refreshments, you can grab a match of beach volley ball or go get a bikini line on the beach ledge. The sand of the beach volley field washes away from the skin deftly in the river and at the bottom of the throat on the terrace! If it’s too hot outside, you can spend your evening indoors playing billiards or darts. 

Piitsi Pub Dinner Menu

AND TASTES FOR SURE! Our pub menu consists of products with unparalleled taste. Rumor has it that Anthony Burdain himself tasted the French with a sweet chili mayonnaise dip. Anonymous witnesses say Anthony shed tears of joy as he shed a dip on the side of the delicious french fries. We don’t say that tears will come, but hunger will go away. Taste and enjoy!

Finger food

4 €

Onion rings

Beer-breaded onion rings. Includes a dip of your choice.

5 €

Chili poppers

Crispy chili poppers stuffed with delicious cheese and jalapeno. Includes dip.

6 €

Mozzarella sticks

Golden crispy outside and deliciously soft inside. Includes a dip of your choice.

5 €

French fries

The best french fries in Lapland! Includes a dip of your choice.

7 €

Sweet potato fries

Sweet potato is like a potato but sweeter Crispy sweet potatoes always work! And a dip of your choice.

3 €

Nacho basket

The serving includes salsa sauce.


9 €

Chicken Basket

Crispy corn breaded chicken fillet nuggets. Served with the best French fries in Lapland with a dip of choice. Dip recommendation Sweet Chili.

9 €

Salmon Basket

Salmon is a fish, as is pike. Breaded salmon steaks are served with french fries and dip. Dip recommendation Remoulade.

9 €

Meatball Basket

Traditional meatballs and french fries are a classic. Better meatballs are not even available from a furniture store. The dip is included in the price of the portion. Dipping recommendation Garlic.

9 €

Sausage Basket

King of Grill. This delicacy is made from HK blue, which has a reputation as a national treasure of Finland.

9 €

Shrimp Basket

Delicacy directly from the sea. Breaded shrimp tails and crispy french fries. We recommend chili mayonnaise as a dip!

Chicken wings

Wings with either medium or hot sauce. You can also choose a dip instead of the sauce.

6 €

6 wings

9 €

12 wings

12 €

18 wings

15 €

24 wings


9 €


When you want to taste a little bit of everything ... The minisampler has chicken fillet nuggets, mozzarella stick, jalapeno popper, onion rings and everything tops the best French fries of Lapland with sweet sweet potato grits. Includes a dip of your choice.

15 €


When you want to taste a little bit of everything, a little bit more... The sampler has wings, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, onion rings and, of course, french fries. The portion includes dip and wings sauce. If desired, the wings can be exchanged for chicken fillet nuggets and the wings sauce for another dip.


7 €


The nicely light and fresh Sol is a beer for hot moments and is perfect to enjoy with all dishes. With or without food...

8 €


Fresh and refreshing wheat beer is especially suitable with chicken and fish meals.

6-7 €

Draft beer

Draft beers, Aura and Heineken.
0,4L pint 6,00 EUR and 0,5L pint 7,00 EUR.

10 €


The dark Belgian Chimay serves as a dessert or main course in itself. Also perfect for with meatball basket.

7 €

Happy Joe

A happy cider especially whit chicken basket or as a dessert.

7 €

Original Gin Long Drink

The wings are literally screaming this drink mix planned for the Helsinki Olympics. With or without ice, on the terrace or indoors, with or after food. Everything goes.

8 €

Stella Artois

Stella Artois is a light Belgian lager for a social drink or to enjoy with food.

7 €


Heineken is the world's most respected international premium beer brand, and is enjoyed in almost every country in the world. The beer has been brewed since 1873, and is still brewed using the same original recipe. As a social or food drink.

Delicious dips

Corner stone of every meal. Complete your meal with the dip of your choice:

  • Remoulade
  • Garlic
  • Sweet chili mayo


SUN-FRI 17.00-22.00

SAT 15.00-22.00